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    If you already have an account with DESTnY, just login using your ID/Email or Facebook Account. If you do not have an account with DESTnY, Sign-Up & Register as a lifetime member for RM88.00 only.

  • Step 2: Pick a Course/Workshop

    Choose a desired course or workshop from the list of more than 60 different soft skills and personal development topics that are made available.

  • Step 3: Make Payment or Utilize Your Free Course/Workshop Credits

    For those who have free credits to utilize as a member of DESTnY, you may utilize the free credits in exchange for the course/workshop that you have chosen.

    For those who have already utilized your free credits or those who are not yet a member of DESTnY, you make proceed to make payment for the course/workshop that you have chosen.

  • Step 4: Attend Course/Workshop

    Attend the course/workshop based on the schedule you have chosen.

  • Step 5: Assessment & Scoring

    Complete your assessment and get your scoring uploaded to your DESTnY personal profile for the easy of targeted search by employers.

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